80% of the Diagnosed Diabetic patients are actually Non Diabetic. You can overcome from it easily.


According to modern health science if the blood sugar level is high than the fixed parameter that is named as “Diabetes”.

What is it?

Truth is ,
If the urine sugar is present then , we can call that condition as “Madumeha” or “Diabetes”.


  • Excessive urination
  • Weight loss
  • Excessive hunger
  • Excessive exhaustion
  • Positive urine sugar
  • Unhealed wounds

Etc are the symptoms of Madhumeha

It is heinous act that, labeling the person as diabetic based on just blood reports only.

Why it attacks you?

We can be free from diabetes if we treat the simple cause.
The unwanted sticky matter in the body called “Sankleda” is the main cause for the diabetes.

If we consume the high rich food excessively which exceeds our physical activities , then the unused energy will store in the form of fat. If it exceeds then, rather than converting this as “healthy fat” it will store in the form of half digested form which is known as “Sankleda”. This will leads to Madhumeha.

About the wrong approach:

In order to protect the body from the “Sankleda” blood sugar level will elevate. At this stage by treating this as diabetes by anti-diabetic medicines and insulin sankleda will not get digest and it will leads to many dreadfull diseases like cardiac disorders, renal failures, nerve weakness etc …

Small description about the diseases and treatment:

Sankleda is nothing but the stored undigested fatty particles. Sankleda will continuoulsy excrets through either sweat or urine as it is fatty waste particle.

In Initial 5-10 years sweat and urine will be with foul smell.

If we neglect this condition then to digest this sankleda there will be the elevation of blood sugar level. Then, there will be excessive urination, weight loss will be there as there will be the digestion of sankleda at this time and in turn it will elevate the blood sugar level, but, this is not Madhumeha.
Here, if we rule out the sankleda we can prevent the madhumeha.

As in now a days , approach of medicinal science itself is wrong , it is concluding this itslef as a diabetic and it will be for lifetime and should depend upon the medicines for lifetime etc… By these kind of untruthfull things, and advising the patients to depend on the tablets and making them to believe this as a truth for lifetime there will be the addition of another person to the group of diabetic patient. But, this is for what purpose?!!

To treat this disease, we have to treat the waste particle “Sankleda” not the blood sugar level.!!

Ayurveda divides this sankleda factor as “Prameha” into 20 types.
The initial state of sankleda will be in 10 types and that can be curable completely. Means, We can completely cure the 50% of the people of these 10 types.

Middle stages will be of 6 types, in this stage if medas is not get paka(boiled) by the ushna guna (heat) we can cure completely, means, another 30% people of these 6 types can cure by effort.

Last is real “Madhumeha”. That includes 4 types. This needs madhumeha line of treatment. But, remember this requires not only the sugar control medicines ! Need medicines which controls the madhumeha!!

As here sankleda is incapable fatty matter, it cannot nourish the kidney, nerves, blood vessels,but,it damages these.

It is not possible to control the damage of these things if we try to control the sugar level by medicines and insulin itself. Because, the most dangerous “Sankleda” will remain like that only in the body. If it is the approach of the modern health science, who will be benefited!?

That’s why, Ayurveda is worthfull as it treats the sankleda.

Why must Ayurveda approach?

Ayurveda won’t suggests any food and medicines which lowers the strength of the patient , as it will decrease the lifespan of the person and there will be early onset of renal failure, paralysis, heart diseases, muscular pain, weakness. Is it not the loss ?

Rather than the diabetes it’s treatment will damages the organs of the patient.

Eliminating the sankleda permanently is the real treatment.

Ayurveda controls this sugar level by controlling the sankleda. That’s why, it balances both the sugar level and madhumeha effectively.

Genetic response:

It is truly ridiculous thing that, there is very minimum chance of getting the diabetic from our ancestors. But, we can prevent this also by our food and lifestyle management.

In this condition, rather than shifting our responsibilities on our ancestors , preventing this today itself and to prevent this to transfer to our future generation is our held responsibility.

Duration of the treatment:

It is completely curable in one year by appropriate medicines and food styles. In impossible states we can prevent the damage to the organs by Ayurveda treatment.

Permanent solution:

Either consume food how much you do physical activities or do physical activities equal to the quantity of food you consume.

This is the only permanent solution

Benefits of this program:

Hospital free life:

  • Your baby will have supreme health and will be naturally immune. They will stay away from the hospital as they will not be prone to diseases.
  • Your baby’s Manas will be filled with eminent thoughts
  • Baby will be active always and they will have the same quality throughout the life
  • Baby will be very clever.
  • Baby will become “Shrutadhara”, which means baby will not forget the things which they heard for one time.
  • It’s your choice that, whether the baby is a Saint, Businesses man, Rich person, Politician, Doctor, Musician, Acharya.
    You can have a baby who leads a life with the thought ” Simple life, supreme achievement” and for sure the baby will be imminent and will be a role model.

Special note:

  • For this, there should be your complete support.
  • Definitely, there will be no side effects. There is no necessity to insult and doubt our Acharya’s by this kind of question. You will get the answers to all your questions, but, kindly don’t enter this program with doubt or sincerely, if it happens then the whole purpose of this program will be futile.

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Have Any Questions?

If you need any help or advice on therapies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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