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Does the air have any drying properties

By January 9, 2022January 11th, 2022Immunity

Get closer to your allergic problems with Ayurveda

Our guts are to keep our respiratory organs like, nose, throat, airway, and alveolus, always warm enough to keep them from drying out due to the air we breathe.

Allergies, asthma, and swelling in these positions are caused by the consumption of sweet, sour, oily substances. 🤔

>We need pure fluid to keep the trachea wet, but our intestines receive impure fluid from the sweet or sour substance that causes swelling in the respiratory system. This is why we see patients with allergies, asthma, and more often after consuming these ingredients.

If an anti-allergic tablet prevents the running nose, the swelling will remain there permanently. This is why, when administering cetirizine and montelukast tablets, the running nose is immediately controlled by chest weight, sputum, and cough. 🙄

Function of inhalers

The calcium content, which is firmly locked into the trachea, is immediately removed from the inhaler, causing the respiratory tract to lose its strength and inevitably expand, making our breathing easier.

Long-term disadvantages of inhalers:

Do you know that excessive tiredness and drowsiness can be seen in respiratory problems immediately after inhaler use? The calcium content of our muscles, ligaments, and bones is so strong that the entire body vibrates as soon as it leaves the position. Repeatedly, the bones, muscles, and joints become irreparably damaged. Calcium tablets can never be corrected for how long.

We should concentrate on a permanent solution:

Ayurveda always states the root cause for diseases and their status.

In allergic conditions, there will be an effort to expel the sourness and sweetness from the intestine which is the location of the pitta, and help the VATA to subside thereby allowing the secretion of pure fluid.

So that, medicines and food from the intestines both help for the secretion and supply the pure fluid to lungs and give a permanent solution.

Is it not a complicated free and simple treatment?

Ayurvedic medicines never do the work of forcing the bones which are the foundation of the body, forcing the bronchial muscles to work.

Similarly, the Atharva Organization also lists the delicious foods that it inevitably needs. Thereby, it is also achieving therapeutic success.

This is an important theory in the previous two Covid waves of colds.

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