Dysmenorrhea is sign of weak uterus and hormonal system & Weak system can not produce healthy baby. Ayurveda can take care of it with Diet and treatment .


Sever excruating pain in abdomen, lower back, legs during menstrual cycle.

What is it?

It is named as ” Kashtarthava ” in Ayurveda, the main reasons for this may be either the insufficiency of hormones , insufficiency of Rasa dhatu or weakness, fibroid uterus, retroverted uterus etc …

Out of these reasons one or two or many reasons together make the womens to suffer every month.

There may be loss of consciousness sometimes due to severe pain.


  • White discharge in prior to menstrual cycle.
  • Moodswings in prior to menstrual cycle.
  • Severe pain during 1st two days of menstrual cycle.
  • Severe pain which is same as delivery pain.
  • There may be vomitting, drowsiness, unconsciousness due to intolerance to pain.

Causes :

Girls need much nourishment after the age of 10 years, instead of supplying this they will have the habbit of consuming the little quantity of food for many reasons like to be slim, to be gentle infront of everyone.

  • Getting malnourished due to the intake of biscuits, chocolates, junk foods etc….
  • Avoiding the intake of ghee, milk.
  • Late night sleep due to studies (wasting valuable time in daytime by using mobiles )
  • Being tempered unnecessarily in a hurry to compete with others.
  • Consuming half cooked , Asnigdha ahara (foods without enough quantity of fats) in hostels, PG’s.
  • Consuming excess quantity of spicy ,salty foods.
  • Suffering from hypothyroidism due to weakness.
  • Suffering from PCOD.

Due to all these above said reasons RASA DHATU will loose it’s strength and leads to KASHTARTHAVA (Dysmenorrhea).

About wrong approach:

It is very dangerous that subsiding the pain by taking painkiller pills and injection and inducing hormones. This may leads to the Uterine fibroids in the early age only.

Why Ayurveda approach is Best :

Ayurveda treats with avoiding the cause those make Rasa dhatu weak and advices the Diet which helps in improving the strength of Rasa dhatu. That’s why it is permanent treatment.

But, The modern medicine system which only concentrates on the symptoms ,treats this condition with only painkillers, for sure these will affects the health of the women in future days.

Small description about the disease and treatment:

Rasadhatu is the first nutritive component of Food and it is the foundation of the all the Dhatus (the supportive components ) of body .If we eat healthy and balanced food, if our Agni is in good state then the Rasadhatu will be the best quality and whole system will function normally.

Rasadhatu is the main factor which contributes the internal and external beauty in womens.

“Arthava (menstruation fluid ) ” is the Upadhatu(subsidry) of “Rasa dhatu”.

“Arthava” will flow during the menstrual cycle in women every month, which is an indication of good female health . Because of this her beauty will enhance.

If she get conceive then, arthava will stop flowing every month and it start to nourish the baby in the womb.

After delivery that arthava itself will transform into “sthanya” (breast milk) and nourish the baby.

That’s why,
It is impossible to analyse this energy in any chemical form which transform every moment. It is highly impossible to have it’s natural form by inducing hormones.

Ayurveda nourishes this arthava by treating it’s base called as Rasa dhatu and treates and cures by analyzing it’s spontaneous transformation.

Genetic response:

It’s is truly awful thing and it is myth that, the girl is suffering from dysmenorrhea as her mother is also suffering from that.

Anyone can get affected by this, if they consumed excess quantity of salt, sour, spicy foods in their childhood.

But, if we treat that in a right manner sure anyone can get rid of that.

Duration of treatment:

Need minimum 4 cycles. 90% of people will have painless menstrual flow by the next month of the treatment itself.

But,should continue the treatment for next 4 months.

Some patients who take only medicines by not following any kind of diet ,they may take 6-12 months to treat completely.

Permanent solution:

Yes, this is permanent treatment. Likewise, by following the food and lifestyle which protects our “Rasa dhatu” we can protect and enhance our internal and external beauty also.

Benefits of this program:

Hospital free life:

  • Your baby will have supreme health and will be naturally immune. They will stay away from the hospital as they will not be prone to diseases.
  • Your baby’s Manas will be filled with eminent thoughts
  • Baby will be active always and they will have the same quality throughout the life
  • Baby will be very clever.
  • Baby will become “Shrutadhara”, which means baby will not forget the things which they heard for one time.
  • It’s your choice that, whether the baby is a Saint, Businesses man, Rich person, Politician, Doctor, Musician, Acharya.
    You can have a baby who leads a life with the thought ” Simple life, supreme achievement” and for sure the baby will be imminent and will be a role model.

Special note:

  • For this, there should be your complete support.
  • Definitely, there will be no side effects. There is no necessity to insult and doubt our Acharya’s by this kind of question. You will get the answers to all your questions, but, kindly don’t enter this program with doubt or sincerely, if it happens then the whole purpose of this program will be futile.

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If you need any help or advice on therapies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Have Any Questions?

If you need any help or advice on therapies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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