Food absorbing root in our body is gastrointestinal tract!
It is impossible to get good health with malfunctioning roots !!
If you suppress gastritis just by taking the pill, it will be very dangerous !!


Any kind of inflammation, irritation or erosion issues on smooth lining of the stomach layers is called gastritis. This is the simple defination of Gastritis. As per Ayurveda gastritis means any kind of inflammation, irritation, erosion and pain in any of the tissue in the stomach, duodenum and small intestine and it is mentioned as Amlapitta in Ayurveda texts.

Amla pitta is combination of two words which explain the condition itself Amla = Acidic and Pitta = factor responsible for digestion also considered as Agni. In total two words means digestive juices in intestine get acidic which are Katu (Bitter )Alkali in nature in stomach digestive juices are basically acid in nature get alkali cause inflammation, irritation or erosion and pain of inner thin layers of the digestive tract.Hence the imbalance in Acid alkali in body is basic pathology behind this disease.


What causes Gastritis?

Causes include irregular food habits, untimely food consumption, excessive consumption of wheat, fried and deep fried foods, sour, pungent, spicy foods, excess consumption of heavy proteins like sprouts, egg, meat, fish etc., having food which has inadequate water, inadequate essential fluid intake, eating too quickly without chewing properly, too much fasting, habit of nap after food, stress, anxiety, insomnia, infection, injury, regular use of pain killers called NSAIDs and prolonged use of any medications and too much alcohol, tea – coffee.


  • If Inflammation is in esophagus or food pipe: – Throat irritation, heartburn, feeling of something is bothering in the throat, belching, etc. symptoms seen.
  • If the stomach is inflamed:- Heartburn, sour belching, continue belching after consumed anything, some times associated with vomiting or acid reflux, nausea, headache, virtigo, anxiety, frequent emotional disturbances, lack of courage, lack of concentration, feeling somehow depressed, loss of enthusiasm, these are all the symptoms that appear in case of gastritis.
  • If the duodenum gets inflamed:-
    Food does not digest properly, belching of undigested food, nausea, bile reflux, heaviness in belly, bloating, some time constipation some time lose motion or semisolid stool or incomplete evacuation may pass stool in parts may be 3-4 times in a day leading to feeling discomfort whole day, feeling of heat genration in the body, mood swings.
  • If the small intestine gets inflammation:-
    Lack of appetite, mild pain in whole abdomen, bloating abdomen, Poor Physical nourishment , a sort of lethargy, incomplete excretion of stool, altered sleep, indigestion, anxiety, poor mental status.

Why it Attacks you?

In ayurveda texts, digestive capacity is called Pitta which resembles the phenomena of agni(fire). Agni means, the noble energy that digests the food, helps to absorb the digested foods into cells through micro villi, then converts the food into energy required by cells of the body.

Without knowing the qualitative and quantitative strength of Agni, excessive food consumption, insufficient food consumption, untimely food consumption, consuming food made up of inadequate water, consuming deep fried oily snacks even home made also, idli- dosa made out of fermented batter, consuming all kinds of bakery items, junk food, snacks and artificial beverages, tea- coffee.. All these impair agni located in stomach and intestine manifesting the disease Gastritis or Amlapitta.

  • Bad management of stress in professional and in family life too has bad impact on health also leads to gastritis.
  • Emotional factors: emotions like anger, fear, stress, anxiety felt on situations in whole day impact the Agni (digestive capacity ) produce gastritis .

About wrong Approach:

The person who is suffering from gastritis complaints if approaches the great doctors who manages gastritis with antacids and antidepressants pills to control the symptoms instead treating the root cause of gastritis disease will not get cured but condition will get worst.

The medicines available in medical shops/ pharmacys like

  • Ranitidine
  • Omeprezol
  • Pantaprazol
  • Esmoprazol
  • Dompheridone
  • Ondencitron.. etc.,

Are used to provide symptomatic relief but not longtime. Consumption of these have many harmful effect on body. Unknowingly taking these medicines keep on following the wrong diet gives the feeling of well-being by controlling the symptoms but the exact cause is lying inside the body which is invitation to many dreadful diseases including cancer.

Small description about Disease and Treatment as per Ayurveda :

In Ayurveda, concept of Agni is considered as how Universe is created, both creation and destruction is the fundamental phenomena of Agni. In the same way in ones body agni is most important factor. Agni is also resembles to Sun. As Sun is the main source energy for every creature in this creation same way the state of agni of our body represent the health status of our body and cells.
There are 13 types of Agni in our body which play great role in digestion, absorption and conversion processes. The Samhithas of Ayurveda quote reference in regarding of Agni functions as “Jwaradi adhyayoktaih pachanaih” which has the ability to dissolve the disease manifesting factors and Nourish the healthy cells and tissues with in.

Why must Ayurveda Approach:

In holistic approaches of Ayurveda the therapy has been given to root cause of disturbance in Agni. Ayurveda treatment always start with the stoping and resolving the causative factors first. So if we can prevent the causative factors then treatment will be easy and more fruitful with long lasting relief. By preventing gastritis we can prevent many diseases of future because inflammation is the mother of many diseases.

With Ayurveda approch one can achieve complete state of health which include physical and mental health.

Genetic Response:

As gastritis is a type of life style disorder means wrong diet and sedentary lifestyle are basic cause this. So believing gastritis as a genetical response is not correct.

Your stress load and state of anxiety will definitely increase the disease prognosis.

Duration of treatment:

If the targeted treatment and appropriate diet adopted in a proper way then the results are very quick and one can notice it with in few days. A simple antacid tablet on single dose will releive the problem instantly. This is the reason behind why people neglect gastritis so easily. But Ayurveda focus on complete relief so average 45 – 120 days of duration need to cure gastritis completely. But if we want to stay healthy for long duration then strict follow up of diet, medicines for about one year will definitely help to recover from gastritis and associated disorders completely.

Permanent Solution:

Good food, share – care and spreding love in socity, getting good mental health status by Yoga, meditation, reading good books help to keep our Metabolism correct and intact physicaly and mentaly.

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Have Any Questions?

If you need any help or advice on therapies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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