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Our Ayurvedic Treatment Centers offer individualized treatment plans for each person’s specific needs.

Reduce your symptoms and re-establish harmony and balance in your life with SriPAA, Kangra

At SriPAA, Kangra Physician does not confine himself to treating a single symptom; instead, he examines the patient’s overall body composition, spiritual orientation, mental wellbeing, and other factors in order to provide a comprehensive cure and restore balance to the human system.

What We Treat

Our Ayurvedic Treatment Centers offer individualized treatment plans for each person’s specific needs.

Paediatric Care

Gynecological Care

Liver Care

Autoimmune Care

Geriatric Care

Age related issues

Metabolic Disorders

Metabolical Care

Cardiac Care

Respiratory Care

Gastro-Intestinal Care

Ano Rectal Care

Skin & Hair Care

Vascular Care

Neuro Care

Garbha Care

Joint Care

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Get Authentic Ayurvedic Treatment Today!

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring.

Dr. Mallikarjuna DambalaFounder of SriPAA

Experience at SriPAA

At SriPAA Ayurveda, we help you in connecting with your source and manifesting your intentions.


At SriPAA, we encourage an alcohol-free environment that aids in the process of healing.


Smoking is harmful to one’s health. SriPAA, being an Ayurvedic Hospitals and Research Center, always says no to smoking.


As Caffeine increases the domain of doshas and causes illness, therefore at SriPaa, we avoid caffeine at all costs.


At SriPAA, we believe that eating seasonal fruits, vegetables, and grains is the best way to transition to a vegan lifestyle.


Sripaa’s team adheres to Ayurvedic principles and maintains high standards while handling, procuring, and producing its products.


SriPAA focused on promoting balance between your body and mind, we provide personalized recommendations about which foods to eat and avoid based on your body type.


We at SriPAA strongly prohibit the use of cold and dry foods as the intake of such foods harms individual body due to the formation of metabolic toxins (āma)


Sripaa has its own organic garden, which is free of pesticides, chemicals, and preservatives that steal the food of its flavor and purity

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Healing Stories

Our visitor’s praise and appreciation during their stay at SriPAA – Ayurvedic Hospitals and Research Center

Anand Dhanu

Our India and especially Karnataka have the credit of having prepared a very useful decoction during the Covid 19 and saved the lives of the people without any profit or profit. Thanks Dr. They have Mallikarjuna Dambala. Hagaribommanahalli Anand

Vidyasagar R

Doctor is Friendly. Specific. Kind hearted. Simplifies complexities. Provides enlightening thoughts from the Heart. One of the best. Diagnosis is good. Medicines are helpful. Staff were supportive too. Needed in all times of life.


Atharva Ayurdhama is one of the best Ayurveda Hospital located in Kangra, Himachal . Dr. Naveen is a very good Ayurvedic doctor as well as amazing person. He is Amazing and incomparable in his job and is doing a lot for the society. Must consult if you are looking for Ayurveda Treatment.

Vasanth Srinivasa

Dr Mallikarjun Dambal provides you an in depth Diagnosis, treatment & Recovery of any ailment which is not treatable by English or Allopathy medicine. From simple ailments like gastric, acidity which keeps haunting people forever is treated completely, to complex & life threatening ailments like spondylitis, liver hepatitis etc have been treated successfully.

Meet Our Experts Team

SRIPAA Ayurvedic Hospitals and Research Center are comprised of experts in the fields of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Natural Healing.

Dr. Naveen Sharma

CEO, Physician
Dr. Naveen Sharma, a renowned Ayurveda specialist of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, currently attends...

CEO, Physician
17 Years Of Experience

Dr. Naveen Sharma, a renowned Ayurveda specialist of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, currently attends to his patients at the Atharva Ayurdhama Multispeciality Ayurvedic Treatment Center.

Dr. Sharma has gained a lot of popularity as a successful Ayurvedic specialist. He has experience of 15 years. He has completed his education at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore with a bachelor's degree in Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery (BAMS). He was trained under Dr.Mallikarjuna Dambal.

Previously, he was an assistant physician at Vaidya Chandra Prakash Cancer Research Foundation, Dehradun. The specific skills and interests of Dr. Sharma include cancer, liver disorders, autoimmune disorders, liver disorders, lifestyle disorders, migraine, hair fall, PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) lifestyle, and Swarn Prashan (Ayurveda immunization). He is highly competent in his field of expertise and his patients have been found to be content and satisfied with his treatment.

Dr. Babita Sharma

Managing Director(ATHARVA Himachal Pradesh)
Dr.Babita Sharma Completed her Bachelor's from Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences Bangaluru...

Managing Director(ATHARVA Himachal Pradesh)
11 Years Of Experience

Dr.Babita Sharma Completed her Bachelor's from Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences Bangaluru Karnataka.

Presently She is bearing the responsibility of M.D and Ayurveda Medical officer at Atharva Ayurdhama Ayurveda Hospital Kangra Himachal Pradesh.

Her expertise is Female infertility, Childhood asthma, Gynecological Disorders.

Experience the Power of Healing with SriPAA

Our sole purpose is to meet you on your healing journey & offer Guidance as you step into your highest self.

If you need any help or advice on therapies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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