Doing Brain MRI and giving Pain killers is not a treatment at all. Ayurveda cures the migraine in 4-6months by food and medicines


Modern science define “migraine as an idiopathic headache with more than 5 attacks per year and may be unilateral or bilateral associated with Nausea, vomitting, light irritation or sound irritation.

What is it?:

In modern medicines no certain cause for this but as per observation we found that fasting, late night sleeping, going out when in Sun, eating foods in party functions that are difficult to digest, change of weather, traveling ect., are the trigger factors.

The patient also explains that if he vomits or get good sleep, pain pills, coffee or tea gets some relief.


  • Feeling severe type of throbbing pain in head
  • Headache due to disturbed sleeping, going out in excessive heat, delayed eating after hunger, loud noises, severe headaches if for traveling long distances
  • Mental irritability
  • Feeling annoyed to hear the noise
  • Do not able to see the light( photophobia)
  • Lack of interest in food
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Relieve headache after vomiting, after a sleepover.
  • Drinking coffee or tea may give some relief

Why it Attacks you?:

As per Modern science there is no certain cause for this for as per Ayurveda we found that it has resemblance with the disease called Amlapitta (this term is classical example of acid alkali imbalance ) .Which means the Pitta (factor responsible for metabolism ) gets acidic, which is akali in nature .Due this Acidic pitta food does not get proper digestion and not convert to well formed ras dhatu (first nutritive component of food after digestion ).

Rasadhatu gives the tolerence to the body against the heat(pittha factor ) which can be due to sun or other factor like late night acidic food, anger, fear ect.

When patient says that he got relief that indicates that pittha comes out with vomitting and symptoms get reduced.

About wrong Approach:

  • Consuming coffee or tea relieves headaches.
  • Consuming a caffeine pill.
  • Controlling from any analgesic pills.

Such efforts can have a very dangerous effect in the long run.

Attempts to further damage the Rasadhathu when the original Rasadhathu is impaired To prevent this, the liver and the marrow are under extreme pressure, causing bone, marrow, and the liver-related dangerous diseases.

Small description about Disease and Treatment:

  • he human body maintains a constant temperature.
  • The body’s most active ingredient is “Rasadhatu”
  • The “Rasadhatu keeps all the cells cool, while the “blood” keeps the cells warm.
  • When there is an imbalance between the two, the body temperature increases.

This temperature is the source of the migraine.

Pain killer and tryptomer can give temporary relief but left many side effects in our body. These side effect can hamper the normal functioning of bone marrow and rasadhatu .

Why Ayurveda Approach?:

Ayurveda describes two types of treatments

One is to improve the quality and quantity of Rasadhathu.

Another is to strength of “Raktha Dhatu” therapy.

So for that we have given balanced seasonal and natural food so that we can get good quality of Rasadhathu and if rasa is good then the Quality and strength of Rakta will be good. Good food will reduce the inflammation and improve the absorption and maintain the acid alkali balance .

This approch will give permanent relief from disease and when we say relief, it not to relief from pain during attack but to stop the “Reoccurring Attacks”.

Genetic Response:

The genetic cause is that if the mother’s Rasadhathu is weak, children are more likely to have migraine headaches, but it is not permanent and can be cured permanently by treatment.

Duration of treatment:

Within just a week, symptoms and with 120 days of treatment the reoccurrnce of attack will also stop.

Permanent Solution

Migraine headaches can be forgotten by good food, proper sleeping and maintaining a calm mind.

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Have Any Questions?

If you need any help or advice on therapies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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