Dr. Mallikarjuna Dambala B.Sc., B. A. M. S

Founder of Sri Paramahamsa Atharva Ayurdhama

Dr. Mallikarjuna Dambala is one among the direct disciples of great Ayurveda master Late Sir Dr. M. Eshwara Reddy in Taranath Government Ayurveda Medical College, Bellary. He acquired his degrees both B.Sc and B. A. M. S from Gulbarga University, Karnataka.

Dr. M. Dambala is a person who carries and cares for well being of the whole world in his heart always. So he always works for the betterment of the health of everyone ever. He was intended to focus and practice Ayurveda regarding food and regimen those which cause health and those which cause damage to health by his beloved Guru Dr. M Eshwara Reddy for this new era of various junk foods. And he achieved it in the practice field. He always has dedicated his life to following the motto of Ayurveda – SWASTHASYA SWASTHYA RAKSHANAM. ATHURASYA VIKARA PRASHAMANAM. – i.e., keeping one’s health in good status and recovering disease done from the disease. Regarding the same, he thought and brought up the concept – HOSPITAL FREE LIFE. – in this, inherited a simple, practical, and healthy lifestyle as our ancestors lived and so as the texts of AYURVEDA had mentioned. In addition, he simplified the concepts of Ayurveda medicines preparation. Promoting preservative-free, and instantly preparing medicines from his Pharmaceuticals ATHARVA AYURPHARMA VISION.

Dr.Mallikarjuna is a person who lives in Ayurveda and loves Ayurveda. His heart always meditates upon Ayurveda so he is now a living encyclopedia of Ayurveda for the students of Ayurveda & for the Ayurveda practitioners. His Guru specifically mentioned him to not stop teaching Ayurveda to the disciples. on behalf of our ancient saints of Ayurveda, it is our duty to carry forward our science for now and for tomorrow. Dr.M.Dambala realized his guru’s saying and started teaching Ayurveda the way he was blessed in various colleges. Many of the students he had taught are now practicing in various parts of India and outside of India too.

By the blessing of his Guru, he had started practicing Ayurveda in 2003 in the city Shimoga, Karnataka with his clinic ATHARVA AYURDHAMA. His strength made many people live healthily and brought them back from the mouth of death using the power of Ayurveda.

Dr. Mallikarjuna Dambala loves to implement Ayurveda in the daily basis of life of everyone which is the essential science of life from that one can achieve his or her aim of life – ecstasy/enlightenment.

Dr. Dambala believes that the body is a temple where humanity should be worshiped. It requires proper management. If we use the good quality of raw material to get some desired product, definitely we get it. If the raw material is of low quality or not up to much quality then the output wouldn’t be a pleasure. Similarly for a good, healthy life, we should concentrate on the starting of our life journey. The health status of mother and father is only the decisive factor for a child’s health anyone can understand it easily. One can plan for getting a healthy and generous baby with some simple methods of Ayurveda. Before we get a child or bring a baby to this world, should prepare and pray for it. Here the health of the parents is more influencing factor for it through methods of Ayurveda in which couple should be cleansed and nourished with the herbs needful for bringing up a healthy progeny who will brighten name and fame of his/her parents and so Nation. This is called Chaithanya Garbha Samskara. C.G.S is a process that helped many to get their baby of desired qualities. This concept also includes swarnaprashana to baby through mother and to a child after birth which enhances the immunity, conceals falling ill recurrently, boosts wisdom, glorifies talents, and many more. One should not get upset about health issues. there is no time limit to take a bold step to get a good health. Never be late, to start the new journey with Ayurveda, cultivate a healthy lifestyle, live well and transfer the same to the next and coming generations with whole heartily.

He always motivates Ayurveda learners and teaches Ayurveda as it was carried forward by our ancestors in comparison to practical science.

His teachings and lectures to common people on various platforms brought great changes in their lives.

He had written about 500+ health articles in regard Hospital free life in both languages Kannada and English. These articles were published and circulated via social media and reached 200,000+ people worldwide.

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