Pre Diabetes

16 types of prediabetic conditions are explained in Ayurveda, which can be identified and treated efficiently before becoming a permanent Disease.


In Ayurveda 20 types of Prameha are explained.
Out of those 20, around 16 types can be named as “Pre diabetic” conditions .

What exactly the Pre-diabetic ?

This is a condition where some symptoms of diabetes are there but not enough to confirm the final Diagnosis. But for A doctor this is an ideal situation to reverse and prevent possible Diabetes.


  • Foul smell while urinating
  • Foul smell while defecating
  • Foul smell of sweat
  • Excessive dandruff
  • Small small pimples in scalp
  • Sweating in palms and feet without any reasons like anxiety.
  • Occasional itching in feet and heels
  • Fatty liver
  • Increased level in triglycerides
  • Weight gain

Why it affects us?

We can define this in single sentence like , if we are consuming high calorie food in excess quantity than our physical activities or if we are not doing much physical activities to utilize the energy which is realesed by the food which we have consumed.

Then, people will suffer from Pre-diabetic condition.

Wrong treatment approach :

  • Using deodorant to prevent the foul smell of sweat
  • Using shampoo to prevent the dandruff
  • Hiding the allergies of skin and many by using the antihistamine medicines like citrizine, levocetrizine, monteleukast tablets.
  • Neglecting the Fatty liver.
  • To normalise the elevated triglycerides level in blood by consuming the statin group of medicines.
  • Feeling of being healthy by consuming the antibiotics for foul urine smell and to prevent UTI.
  • All the above causes will just mask the symptoms for a timebeing and if one feels that they are free from the diseases , for sure they will face the danger in future.

Why only Ayurveda?

The symptoms are due to single factor, which is nothing but a sticky thing called as “Sankleda”. It creates foul smell , itching, pimples, fungus in it’s excretory pathway. If we treat this completely then it is impossible to the onset of diabetes in future. Ayurveda is the best and prime choice for this, because, it will treat the disease as a whole by finding and treating the cause rather than treating it in separate or in pieces .

Brief description about the disease and the treatment

  • Consumption of food without hunger.
  • Eating just for the sake of taste rather than feeling to have it.
  • Not doing any physical workouts, doing work continuously in sitting position or being lazy.

By all these above mentioned sedentary lifestyle, our cellular digestion gets weak and our body prefers the urinary route than the sweat route to expel the wastes chemicals. This can be called as Pre-Diabetic condition. Giving only medicines is not complete treatment. Ayurveda analyze the root cause called ‘Sankleda’ for diabetes and advises the modification in food and lifestyles to prevent this sankleda and also gives major sight on psychological things, lastly based on the need prescribe the medicines for time being.

Hereditary relation :

Type 1 diabetes is challenging to treat, as here our organ pancreas which controls the sugar level itself will get damage structurally.

Duration of the treatment:

It may take 1 or 2 years , but, during the treatment period based on your regular food quality and quantity follow-up and life style management we can normalize the elevated blood glucose in 1 month only without medicines or with minimum medicines.

Permanent solution :

Do you need to get rid from diabetes permanently?

  • Either consume food how much you do physical activities or do physical activities how much you consume foods.
  • Oily foods like deep fried bajji, bonda and oil blended foods like chitranna, puliyogare, fried rice, bun,cakes are the prime causes for diabetes.
  • Do work regularly with peace of mind.
  • Always wish good for everyone.

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Have Any Questions?

If you need any help or advice on therapies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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