Ayudantham Medicated


World’s First 100% Non-Chemical Ayurvedic Formula for Complete oral care. Ingredients of AYURDANTHAM are proven to be the world’s best-safe oral antiseptic herbal combination. It acts upon various infections and strengthens mucosal, gingival tissues.

Triphala, Yesti, Pippali, Neem, Ela Lavanga and Himalayan Pink Salt(saindhava lavana) together prevent and cure all kinds of oral problems and also give long lasting freshness naturally.



A Revolutionary Alternative For Tooth Paste

Ayudantham is prepared with ingredients from plants which have been grown in organic farms. In these farms, collection – storage – purification of herbs, is made naturally. Hence eliminating usage of chemicals through out the process.

Ayudantham is 100% free of hazards.

  • No frothing after brushing. But cleans teeth properly, including gums.
  • Maximum time to brush all the teeth will be 30 – 45 seconds!
  • Stimulates taste buds
  • This is useful for all age groups, irrespective of their dentures.
  • Due to its special herbal effect, it maintains normal pH of oral cavity.
  • Natural contents provide long lasting protection from Bacteria, Virus, Fungus.

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100ml, Combo Offer

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