One of the most effective ways to prevent and treat any Spine related disorder is Ayurvedic “Basti Therapy”


Restricted movement and pain in cervical region , headache ,dragging pain in upper limbs (hands) , giddiness, numbness collectively known as cervical spondylosis.

Mean while, Catching pain in waist, pain in low back, dragging pain in lower limbs ( legs ) and numbness collectively known as lumbar spondylosis.

What exactly the spondylosis ?

In this, Pain will be in upper limbs and lower limbs , and are not same as muscular pains. In spondylosis the root of the pain will be in one site and it shows it’s symptoms in another site.!
There will be pain in shoulder, upper arm, hands, calf muscles , feet .
The cause for this is dryness , bulging, breaking of disc in between the vertebrae.


  • Pain in cervical region.
  • ripping pain in cervical and upper back area.
  • Dragging pain in shoulder, upper arm, hands.
  • Lower backache.
  • Dragging pain in hips, thigh, calf muscles.
  • Numbness in upper and lower limbs
  • Giddiness
  • Difficulty in walking.
  • Difficulty in forward bending.
  • Difficulty to stand for a while.
  • Etc…….

Why it affects us?

  • Due to improper posture
  • Over and missuse of upper and lower back muscles .
  • Overuse of mobile phones ,computer
  • Excessive traveling
  • Overall wrong food habits .
  • This diseases is effecting youngone’s in there early age due to dryness of the disc which is generally should be affect the elderone’s in old age disease.
  • Gas in abdomenal region due to indigestion,
  • Having dal and sprouts (proteins) regularly without adding minimum fat and sweet to them.
  • Late night sleep.
  • Driving two wheelers for long time and for long-distance
  • Sleeping under the fan.

Due to these reasons disc will become dry and will further leads to problems.

Wrong treatmental approach :

  • Subsiding the pain of neck or lowerback by taking the pain killers.
  • Not concentrating towards the food and night sleep.
  • Undergoing for the surgical correction of spinal area , even though it is not emergency.

We will get affected much due to these reasons.

Brief description about the disease and the treatment:

Our brain will grasp the stimulus from our spinalcord which is oringined from the base of skull and it will supply the signals to the whole body and keep our body in motion.

If we consider the spinal cord as a plug there will be the origin of wire like minute nerve roots from that region.

The nerves roots originates from the cervical disc supplies the upper limbs (hands) , the nerve roots originates from the lumbar disc supplies the lower limbs (leg) and they will maintain the subtle and major movements in our fingers, hands, legs by supplying the orders from the brain in the way of electric current .

Due to wrong posture the disc (a spongy material in between two spinal vertebrae) get bulged or tear off or due to wrong food habits it get dry which creates compression on spinal cord and nerve root.

This damage to the nerves will affects the area where all that nerve passes and leads to excruating pain , dragging sensation and sometimes even it affects the working capacity also.

While treating we should concentrate towards rehydrating those dried discs not to allowing them to dry much by subsiding the pain by just having painkillers by our negligence, it is not fair enough at any time.

Here surgery is a wrong approch and is very dangerous. Because, Even a small mistake during the surgery may leads to immediate or permanent damage to the movements of hands or legs.

So, don’t undergo for the surgey until if it is a last option .

Why only Ayurveda ?

Ayurveda has beautiful treatment. It will rehydrate the dried disc. It not only concentrate to correct the damaged disc, it prevents the root cause of the disease and all damaged routes of the disease which has contributed for the onset of the spondylosis step by step. By the panchakarma procedures , correction starts by taking care of intestine which is the root of our body.

Intestine is the nearest route to reach nervous system it will help to reduce inflammation ,rehydrate the disc and provide strength to the whole system and Provide long-lasting diseases free life.

Duration of the treatment:

It depends on individual.

Some people may take one or two weeks , some may take one or two months.
Generally, 6 months of regular food and medicinal follow-up may require. But,
Should follow as per doctor’s advice.

Permanent solution:

Regular appropriate food and lifestyle follow-up and peacefull mind will definitely contributes the permanent health.

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If you need any help or advice on therapies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Have Any Questions?

If you need any help or advice on therapies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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