Panchakarma of Eyes and Chakshushya Basti

The panchakarma chikitsa of eyes which are one among the Jatrurdwagata chikitsa in Ashtanga chikitsa are very prime treatments for everyone.

In these procedures, the growth, maintenance, nourishment, prevention the gaining is all done in Majja Dhatu (bone marrow) as it is the Pitta Sthana. Without concentrating on these issues, giving the laser treatment, and artificial replacement of the vitreous humor fluid is never be worth full.
Like these, if we are finding the cause in the eyes only, rather than concentrating on bone marrow can we get a permanent solution?

Let it be, The panchakarma treatments of eyes are helpful in improving the vision and impairment in the vision.

Like that, Chakshushya Basti is like a gift as it will do corrections in the majja (bone marrow) as it is the root place of the eyes.

The panchakarma treatment of eyes:

Acharya Sushrutha have mentioned 5 veriteis of Kriyakalpa :

  1. Netra Tarpana
  2. Netra putapaka
  3. Netra seka
  4. Netra ashchottana
  5. Netra anjana

Acharya Vagbhata and Sharangadhara added 2 more types of treatments as, ” Netra Pindi” and “Netra vidalaka”.

We can call this Netra sapthaka.

These netra sapthaka treatments are easy and very much effective. Eye specialists treat very keenly observe the internal structures of eyes and layers of eyes and they will analyze the location of the disease in the layer of the eye.

Like that,
We can prevent the disorders of eyes by undergoing the 1 or 2 treatments among the Netra Sapthak which are suitable for our eyes.

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Have Any Questions?

If you need any help or advice on therapies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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